by Aaron Jensen and Andrew Hussman

This eighteenth issue of Studium Excitare marks a changing of the guard. After serving as editors for the past three years, we are now graduating from Martin Luther College and continuing our preparation for the pastoral ministry at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary. We consider our time spent on this publication to be our distinct privilege and a beneficial learning opportunity. We pray that our labors here were and will continue to be edifying to others as well. The journal has, in our time overseeing it, been rejuvenated, with now eight issues during that span, and we are confident that with the new leadership in place it will be able to continue strong.

At this time we would also like to thank our faculty advisors, Prof. James Danell and Prof. Keith Wessel for first of all giving us this opportunity, and then for all their additional proof-reading and advisory work. We sincerely appreciate the time they made out of their already full schedules to help us along the way.

In these three years we have not once run out of things to translate. While many things have already been translated, many more still remain. And you simply cannot spend time with these great Lutheran teachers without it bearing fruit. For that reason, as we present our final issue, we leave you with this encouragement: Take full advantage of the gifts with which God has blessed his Church, the gift of brilliant men who humbly subjected their intellect to the Scriptures and used their abilities to illuminate them. Lutheranism has left us a wonderful heritage. Let us study it, and do so with excitement.

In Christ,

Aaron Jensen and Andrew Hussman