The Likely Identity of "AFS"

A note posted by Caleb Bassett

In Studium Excitare Vol. 2, No. 1 we published two articles from the Gemeindeblatt by an author whose by-line was simply his initials AFS. They were Jesus is the Door to the Kingdom of Heaven and The Future Glory of the Christian. We had no clue who the author actually was. The translator checked through some old synod records for names that matched the initials, but there was not enough evidence to suggest anything definitive.

But then another editor at Studium Excitare stumbled upon a document listed in the Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary essay file. I quote the following paragraph from the document:

Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary 1863-1963 by Immanuel P. Frey.
The Seminary was opened September 1863 in Professor Moldehnke’s home with two students, one who soon had to be dismissed. The only student who remained was Albert Siegler, who finished his studies at our Seminary. The date of his ordination is given by Dr. Hoenecke as 1868. He is listed as having held pastorates in Menomonie, Wisconsin, Columbus, Wisconsin, Lewiston, Minnesota, Two Rivers, Wisconsin, and Norfolk, Nebraska. Some of our older pastors will remember him as a prolific contributor to the Gemeindeblatt.

Based on this evidence we have listed the author of the two above-mentioned documents as Albert Siegler.