Editorial Introductions

Many issues of Studium began with a brief editorial comment introducing the issue. The practice of writing an editorial introduction is left to the discretion of the current student editors. Any available editorial introductions are available here. Just click a title to read more.


by Aaron Jensen and Andrew Hussman

In a short, farewell editorial, Aaron Jensen and Andrew Hussman say goodbye and thank you as they graduate from Martin Luther College and head to Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary.

Studium Excitare – Changed and Unchanged

by Jacob Behnken

The present issue brings an important change to Studium Excitare. What began as the endeavor of a handful of devoted pastoral students has become the official journal of the confessional language program at Martin Luther College. What does this change mean for Studium Excitare?

What We Value

by Caleb Bassett

No one lives without a concept of value. That which we value will therefore shape our priorities. God willing, our priorities will always match our values as a Christian.

History — Past, Present, and Future

by Nathaniel Biebert

Lutheran professors of history will often define the subject they teach as “his-story.” With this clever turn of phrase, they emphasize the fact that all of history has Christ as its theme and focus. The years BC culminated in Christ’s incarnation, and the years after Christ’s ascension will culminate in his return to judgment. The course of human events, then, truly is Christ’s story.

War and Peace

by Caleb Bassett

In his commentary on Genesis 3:15, Martin Luther says, “For immediately, from our mother’s womb forward, we begin to die.” Of course, this is not at all what new parents think about at the joyful birth of their child. The birth of a child is indeed cause for thankful praise to God who blesses parents with such wonderful gifts as children. But we cannot escape the wages of original sin.

Transition to Translation

by Nathaniel Biebert

As you peruse this issue of Studium Excitare, you may notice that it no longer contains doctrinal articles. Starting with this issue, the writers have jointly decided to cease writing articles of a doctrinal nature, and focus the publication completely on translation. This is a very significant change. The writers therefore feel it is necessary to explain this action to their readers. They also wish to inform you, the reader, about the future of Studium Excitare.

Our Status, Purpose, and Mission

by Caleb Bassett

To avoid initial controversy of the appearance of a new publication at Martin Luther College, the editors approved this statement of status, mission, and purpose. Some of the original statements of status have changed over the years, but the document serves as an overall guide for the publication.