Issue 01

Our Status, Purpose, and Mission

by Caleb Bassett

To avoid initial controversy of the appearance of a new publication at Martin Luther College, the editors approved this statement of status, mission, and purpose. Some of the original statements of status have changed over the years, but the document serves as an overall guide for the publication.

What Is Fellowship?

by Caleb Bassett

This essay introduces the concepts of Christian fellowship.

Prayer Fellowship

by Nathaniel Biebert

Prayer is a privilege bestowed by God upon those to whom he has given faith, and accordingly it is a fruit of faith and an act of worship. Just as with all other aspects of a Christian's life, one will seek to uphold God's truth when praying with others, since his truth is the basis upon which we call on him.

Cooperation in Externals

by Joshua Zarling

Cooperation in externals is a difficult topic. In this article, Joshua Zarling lays out the Biblical position of cooperation in externals.

A History of Fellowship in the WELS

by Benjamin Foxen

How has the practice of church fellowship been observed in WELS over the history of the synod? This article seeks the answer.

There is Nothing New Under the Sun

by C.F.W. Walther
translated by Souksamay Phetsanghane

C.F.W. Walther wrote this article during the controversy in American Lutheran churches over the doctrine of predestination. Known as the "Election Controversy," this was a trying time for Lutheran synods in America. Walther's article was one of the many articles supporting the true view of election.

Martin Chemnitz

by Joshua Zarling

Martin Chemnitz is known as "the second Martin," after Martin Luther. The second Martin played a pivotal role in the solidification of the Lutheran church after Luther's death. Facing opposition from the Roman church after the Council of Trent, Chemnitz stood strong with the other framers of the Book of Concord and helped produce the Solid Declaration.