Issue 04

The Gospel

by Carl Manthey-Zorn
translated by Nathaniel Biebert

The gospel is the joyful and amazingly excellent message that the mind of God towards us lost and condemned sinners is full of grace from eternity. In this article, the retired pastor Carl Manthey-Zorn provides a thorough treatment of the gospel - its scriptural history, divine power, application through faith, and proper use.

On the Second Day of Pentecost

by Georg Stöckhardt
translated by Benjamin Foxen

Normally one wouldn't expect John 3:16-21 to be a Pentecost sermon, since there is no direct mention of the Holy Spirit in the text. Dr. Stöckhardt freely admits this at the beginning of his sermon but goes on to show that really the entire work of our salvation pertains directly to the Holy Spirit.

Sermon On the Second Pentecost Day

by Adolf Hönecke
translated by John Dermé

In this sermon on John 3:16-21, Dr. Hönecke’s outlines the work of the so-called “shy” person of the Trinity from a discourse in which Jesus does not mention the Holy Spirit by name. Hönecke illustrates well how the Holy Spirit is one God with the Father and the Son and, for example, was involved in creation, but his person specifically carries out a greater miracle toward his people.

Doctrine of Predestination (Part II)

by Nikolaus Selnecker
translated by Souksamay Phetsanghane

Nikolaus Selnecker provides a thorough systematic treatment of the Christian doctrine of predestination. This difficult article of doctrine is well-covered in a thorough question-and-answer format in this article. It answers a great number of our questions about the nature of election. This translation is published in three parts.

Nikolaus Selnecker

by Souksamay Phetsanghane

After facing death as a young man, Selnecker developed into a leading theologian of the Evangelical Lutheran Church. Gentle in demeanor, Selnecker helped to frame the Formula of Conord. In addition to his theological pursuits, Selnecker was also an accomplished hymn writer.