Issue 05

Jesus is the Door to the Kingdom of Heaven

by Albert Siegler
translated by Caleb Bassett

Albert Siegler meditates on Jesus' words in John 10:7: “I tell you the truth, I am the gate for the sheep.” By “sheep” are meant only those who are converted to Jesus the Good Shepherd. The door is the entrance of a dwelling. Jesus is the door to his kingdom of grace here on earth and therefore also the door to the kingdom of glory in heaven.

The Future Glory of the Christian

by Albert Siegler
translated by Caleb Bassett

Albert Siegler meditates on Paul's words in Romans 8:18: “I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.” A part of the glory which will be revealed in Christians is that they will have the image of God after the resurrection. But the future glory doesn’t affect just their bodies, but also the dwelling in which they will live in eternity. The righteous will enter into eternal life, where they will experience the fullness of joy in God's presence.

Sermon for the Twenty-fourth Sunday after Trinity

by Carl Manthey-Zorn
translated by Nathaniel Biebert

Carl Manthey-Zorn delivered this sermon on the bleeding woman and Jairus' daughter (Mt 9:18-26) during the 1910-1911 church year. In a simple way, Zorn shows how Jesus' help of the bleeding woman in her sickness assures us of his help in our sicknesses. He also shows how Jesus' help of Jairus' daughter in her death is only a shadow of the much better help he will give each of us in our death.

Commentary on John 11:17-45

by Christoph Starke
translated by Benjamin Foxen

This is a selected portion of Christoph Starke’s commentary on the familiar story of the resurrection of Lazarus. Here is an account of the true comfort to be found in the hour of death.

The Restoration and Resurrection of the Dead (Part I)

by David Hollaz
translated by Kirk Lahmann

David Hollaz explored the Christian dogma regarding the restoration and resurrection of the dead. Using a thorough question-and-answer format, Hollaz answers questions ranging from basic to advanced. The translation is published in two parts.

Doctrine of Predestination (Part III)

by Nikolaus Selnecker
translated by Souksamay Phetsanghane

Nikolaus Selnecker provides a thorough systematic treatment of the Christian doctrine of predestination. This difficult article of doctrine is well-covered in a thorough question-and-answer format in this article. It answers a great number of our questions about the nature of election. This translation is published in three parts.

Johannes Andreas Quenstedt

by Caleb Bassett

After Chemnitz and Gerhard, Quenstedt was likely the most influential theologian of the post-Reformation church. Quenstedt faced numerous challenges in his life, suffering the death of two wives and dealing with physical ailments. He endured to produce his Theologia Didactio-Polemica Sive Systema, an extensive systematic theology text.