Issue 07

History — Past, Present, and Future

by Nathaniel Biebert

Lutheran professors of history will often define the subject they teach as “his-story.” With this clever turn of phrase, they emphasize the fact that all of history has Christ as its theme and focus. The years BC culminated in Christ’s incarnation, and the years after Christ’s ascension will culminate in his return to judgment. The course of human events, then, truly is Christ’s story.

The Restoration and Resurrection of the Dead (Part II)

by David Hollaz
translated by Kirk Lahmann

David Hollaz explored the Christian dogma regarding the restoration and resurrection of the dead. Using a thorough question-and-answer format, Hollaz answers questions ranging from basic to advanced. The article is published in two parts.

The Gospel as a Passing Downpour

by August Pieper
translated by Nathaniel Biebert

In his final article submitted to the Theologische Quartalschrift in July, 1943, Professor August Pieper considers Luther's words of warning in his Letter to the Town-Councilmen: “God’s Word and grace is a passing downpour, which does not return to where it has already been.” Starting with Adam and Eve, Pieper tests Luther's expression against Scripture itself.

The European War in the Light of God's Word (Part II)

by August Pieper
translated by Caleb Bassett

Major war is always a traumatic event. It brings uncertainty and doubt to our lives. Yet, Christians have a special blessing in knowing that God's will prevails through the mess that mankind makes. August Pieper points out a Christian outlook during the time of war in "The European War in the Light of God's Word." This translation is published in two parts.

David Hollaz

by Kirk Lahmann

Most renowned for his systematic text, "Examen Theologicum Acroamaticum," Hollaz was a respected pastor and doctor of theology during the period known as the Lutheran Orthodoxy. His death ended the so-called "Silver Age" of Orthodoxy and marks the rise of the pietistic movement.