Issue 08

What We Value

by Caleb Bassett

No one lives without a concept of value. That which we value will therefore shape our priorities. God willing, our priorities will always match our values as a Christian.

A Word to Our Readers

by Anonymous
translated by Nathaniel Biebert

This article from the German predecessor of Forward in Christ appeared on September 1, 1868. In it the editor replies to requests he has received either to include more world affairs in the magazine or to quit “quarreling too much.” He stresses the importance of standing firm in the Bible's teaching out of love for both God and his people.

C.F.W. Walther as a Theologian

by Franz Pieper
translated by Caleb Bassett

This article is part of a series about C.F.W. Walther which was published in Lehre und Wehre. It's chief focus is on Walther's steady teaching of the doctrine of justification. In a sense, the article is more about the glorious doctrine of justification by faith through Christ than it is about Walther.

Adolf Hoenecke

by Timothy Grundmeier

Chiefly responsible for the Wisconsin Synod's move away from the unionism of the German mission societies, Hoenecke is the theological father of the Wisconsin Synod.