Issue 11

Defense of Brenz

by Anonymous
translated by Philip Moldenhauer

Brenz’ Defense of the Things Which Schwenckfeld Noted in Brenz’ Exegesis of John Concerning the Sacrament. Part I.

Adolf Hoenecke’s Farewell Sermon

by Adolf Hoenecke
translated by Peter Metzger, Jeffrey Grundmeier

Preached Dec. 7, 1891 for his farewell to the congregation of St. Matthew’s, Milwaukee.

O Princely Child from David’s Stem

by Philip von Zesen
translated by Aaron Jensen

Philip von Zesen (1619-1689) was a very influential German writer and poet. The son of a Lutheran pastor, many of his writings contain references to Christianity. This hymn, which specifically describes the joy of Jesus’ coming at Christmas, is set to the melody “Wie Schön Leuchtet” (CW 79).

Merciful and Wondrous Throne

by Johannes Olearius
translated by Aaron Jensen

Johannes Olearius (1611-1684) served as a pastor and General Superintendant. Other hymns by him include “Comfort, Comfort All My People” (CW 11) and “Lord, Open Now My Heart to Hear” (CW 282). This beautiful Christmas hymn basks in the glow of the incarnation of our God.

Johannes Brenz

by Andrew Hussman

Johannes Brenz may not be the first name that comes to mind when you think about the fathers of the Reformation like Luther and Melanchthon. Many Lutherans have never even heard of him before. Yet this Lutheran father played an important part in spreading the Reformation and nurturing its growth.