News and Notes

Issue #14 Now Online

We have just posted the 14th issue of Studium for your reading enjoyment.

Issue #12 Now Online

We're pleased to announce that Issue #12 is now available. This issue features translations from German and Latin on the topics of election, baptism, and the nature of Lutheranism. The issue also includes a translation of a beautiful hymn by Nikolaus Selnecker. The issue wraps up with a biography of George Stoeckhardt. We hope you enjoy the issue and look forward to posting another issue in the spring.

Studium Excitare Scholarship Founded

As our readers know quite well, the purpose of this journal is to arouse zeal for studying the German and Latin writings of our Lutheran forebears. In a new effort to encourage the study and translation of these important writings, the founders of the journal have awarded the first of what is hoped to be many scholarships to a student at Martin Luther College.

Studium Excitare Featured in "In Focus" Magazine

Studium Excitare was featured in the October 2008 edition of "In Focus" from Martin Luther College. The article highlights the history of the journal as well as the new leadership that has taken up the reigns of Studium.

I've provided a PDF of the article for those who are unable to get a copy of In Focus.

Studium Excitare Developments

Greetings to all! It's been a long time since our site last received an update – we feel it was too long. For that we apologize. I'd like to take an opportunity to go over some of the changes that we are undertaking with Studium Excitare.

A New Look

The Likely Identity of "AFS"

In Studium Excitare Vol. 2, No. 1 we published two articles from the Gemeindeblatt by an author whose by-line was simply his initials AFS.